Week 7 Inventions

I will summarize and explain how these inventions have made life easier: the Combine Harvester, the Solar Compass, the Propeller, and the Mechanical Computer.  

The Combine Harvester is a really big and bulky machine that requires about eighteen horses to pull it.  The Combine Harvester combines several stages of the harvesting of the wheat.  First it cuts the wheat, then it threashes it, and finally it separates the wheat from the chaff.  This was a very useful machine because it required less people to do a big job which meant one could grow more wheat.

The Solar Compass is a compass that uses the sun’s position, the latitude, and the time of the day to figure out one’s longitude which would tell one which way the person is facing .  The benefits of the solar compass is that if one is close to a metal like iron one would not receive a false reading.

The Propeller is like a blade that spins.  When the blade spins in the water it creates a trust, which makes the boat go faster.  It was easy to install so lots of people began using it.  It also made the boat easier to steer which saved fuel.  That means that the prices of fuel began to decrease.

The Mechanical Computer is a machine that accurately calculates and prints logarithms without an error.  Before, logarithms were calculated by hand which meant that the calculations could be wrong.  That was not good because sailors could get lost if they were following the logarithm tables. 

So all these inventions have had a significant impact on history which have helped make life easier and more efficient.                             


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