The Most Important Lessons I Learned from this Course

This is the last essay from this course so it is a little bit different.  I will explain a few of the most important lessons learned from the history of invention and inventors and why I think it is important. One of the first things I learned is that if one wants to invent something…

Week 35 Inventions

This week I learned about Flash Memory, CD-Rom, the Cell Phone, and the World Wide Web. Flash Memory is a little chip that saves memory on computers, cameras, phones, and more.  It saves it very quickly and one can erase only parts of the memory instead of all of it unlike the old types of…

Week 34 Inventions and inventors

This week I learned about the TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite, the Graphical User Interface, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.  I will also explain whether or not I think Steve Ballmer’s advertisement for Windows 1.0 was effective, and why or why not. The TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite is a bunch of communication protocols that allows computers…

Week 33 Invention

This week I learned about U.N.I.X., the Microprocessor, the Video Game Console, and VHS and VCR.  Also I will say whether or not I think learning to program will become more or less important for someone who wants to do well and earn a lot of money. U.N.I.X. stands for uniplexed information computing system, the…

 Week 32 Inventions and an Extra Question

This week I learned about the Polio Vaccine, the Intermodal Container, the Integrated Circuit, and Lasers.  I will describe each invention and explain how they impacted history.  I will also say what I think would be a good use for lasers. Polio is a crippling virus which can permanently paralyze or kill its victims.  Thousands…

Week 31 Inventions

This week I learned about the Electron Microscope, FM Radio, Nuclear Fission, and the Transistor. The Electron Microscope is a microscope that uses electrons to magnify the thing a person is looking at.  The Electron Microscope is a much stronger microscope than the optical microscope.  The Electron Microscope is very useful because one can look…

Week 30 Inventions and Inventor

This week I learned about the Crystal Oscillator, George Washington Carver, the Yagi Uda Antenna, and Penicillin. The Crystal Oscillator is used to power small electronics such as radios and watches.  When a small voltage is applied to the Crystal it oscillates causing it to give off energy which then powers the object.  Thanks to…

Week 29 Inventions

This week I learned about the Safety Razor, Airplanes, the Vacuum Tube, and the Model-T.  I will describe these inventions and explain how they impacted history. The Safety Razor makes life easier because one can safely use it without severely cutting themselves.  The blade is changeable so one does not have to sharpen the blade. …

Week 28 Inventions

This week I learned about the Diesel Engine, the Mousetrap, the Radio, and the Semi-Automatic Shotgun.  I will explain how each of these inventions impacted history. The Diesel Engine uses diesel oil to power it.  When the piston pumps it compacts the air, which heats it up, it then ignites the diesel oil forcing the…

Week 27 Inventions

This week I am learning about Coca-Cola, the Induction Motor, the Ballpoint Pen, and the Zipper.  I will also summarize each invention and explain the impact each of the inventions have had on history. Coca-Cola is a soft drink made by combining carbonated water, sugar, and Coca-Cola syrup.  Coca-Cola has caffeine in it so it…


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