Week 16 Inventions

This week I will describe and show how each of the inventions I learned this week impacted history.  The inventions I learned about are the Salt and Pepper Shakers, the Mason Jar, the Pencil Eraser, and the Twine Binder. The Salt and Pepper Shakers are little jars with holes in the top of the lids. Continue reading Week 16 Inventions

Week 13 Inventions

This week I am going to write about the Jackhammer, the Pin-tumbler Lock, the Safety Pin, and the Gyroscope. The Jackhammer is a drill bit that vibrates up and down to break the surface it is on.  It can either run on electricity or on compressed air.  The Jackhammer is very useful because concrete canContinue reading Week 13 Inventions

Week 15 Inventions

This week I learned about Condensed Milk, the Sleeping Car, Toilet Paper, and the Washing Machine.  I will describe and summarize each of the inventions I learned about this week. Condensed Milk has added calories to make it richer.  Because of this, it keeps the Condensed Milk fresher longer without having to keep it cooled. Continue reading “Week 15 Inventions”

Week 12 Invention

I learned about four inventions this week: the Rotary Printing Press, Kerosene, Antiseptics, and the Gas Mask.  In this essay I will describe and give the impact on history of these four inventions. The Rotary Printing Press is a printing press that uses rotating drums so that continuous rolls of paper can be printed on. Continue reading “Week 12 Invention”

Week 11 Inventions

I learned about four inventions this week: Ether, the Fax Machine, the Steam-Powered Iron Passenger Ships, and the Ice Cream Maker. Ether is a drug one breathes in to make that person fall asleep.  It is used in surgery to keep people from being awake during surgery.  Before Ether, if someone had to have surgery,Continue reading “Week 11 Inventions”

Week 10 Inventions

This week I learned about four helpful inventions which are the Electric Clock, Blueprints, the Stapler, and Grain Elevators. The Electric Clock is a clock that uses electricity or a battery as power instead of a pendulum.  This was very useful because clocks could now be small and compact since it did not need aContinue reading “Week 10 Inventions”

Week 9 Invention

This week I learned about four inventions: the Steam Plow, the Steam Shovel, the Postage Stamp, and finally Vulcanized Rubber.  I will explain what these inventions are and how they have helped change the world. The first invention is the Steel Plow.  The Steel Plow was invented by a man named John Deere.  One dayContinue reading “Week 9 Invention”

Week 8 Inventions

 These four inventions: the Electromechanical Relay, the Revolver, Morse Code, and the Circuit Breaker are the inventions I will write about this week. The Electromechanical Relay uses an electromagnet to flip an electromechanical switch.  The Electromechanical Relay is used in things like thermostats.  The thermostat figures out what the temperature of the room is.  IfContinue reading “Week 8 Inventions”

Week 5 Inventions

I will talk about and explain how these four inventions: the microphone, the typewriter, the braille reading system, and the sewing machine helped make life easier. The microphone is a device that amplifies sound.  When the sound waves enter the microphone, it strikes a magnet causing the magnet to vibrate.  Which in turn amplifies theContinue reading “Week 5 Inventions”

Week 7 Inventions

I will summarize and explain how these inventions have made life easier: the Combine Harvester, the Solar Compass, the Propeller, and the Mechanical Computer.   The Combine Harvester is a really big and bulky machine that requires about eighteen horses to pull it.  The Combine Harvester combines several stages of the harvesting of the wheat.  FirstContinue reading “Week 7 Inventions”


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