Week 34 Inventions and inventors

This week I learned about the TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite, the Graphical User Interface, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.  I will also explain whether or not I think Steve Ballmer’s advertisement for Windows 1.0 was effective, and why or why not.

The TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite is a bunch of communication protocols that allows computers to talk to one another through the internet.  When one sends a video through a computer to another the TCP breaks it up into packets which makes it easier to send and the IP guides the packet to the right place.  Then the TCP puts the packets back together again to form the video.  The benefits of the TCP/IP Internet Protocol is that without it we would not have the internet, Google and all those other web browsers.

The Graphical User Interface is a computer that was easy to use and did require knowing all the complex things that make up a computer to use.  It started using a paper image to indicate a file and a folder image for where the file could be stored.  The Graphical User Interface impacted history because ordinary people could use the computer and understand what they are doing.

Steve Jobs worked for Apple and helped to develop the Macintosh computer, Ipod, Ipad, and Iphone but before he developed the “I” products, he founded a computer company called NeXT which helped him to strengthen his skills.  This played a big role when he helped to invent the Ipod, Ipad, and Iphone.  Steve Jobs changed the history of the world because without him we would probably not have so many modern conveniences. He also understood what the people wanted and gave it to them.

Bill Gates along with his partner Paul Allen founded the Microsoft company and using Windows 95 made the use of the internet more popular.  He did a lot of coding at first because that is how he started the company but after a while he began to just manage the company.  He hired a college friend named Steve Ballmer and when Bill Gates began to step back Steve Ballmer took over the company.  Bill Gates impacted history because he helped to make better coding and because there was better coding there could be better computers.

Finally, I think that the commercial was slightly effective but Steve Ballmer was yelling and I know some people do not like to be yelled at. 


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