Week 33 Invention

This week I learned about U.N.I.X., the Microprocessor, the Video Game Console, and VHS and VCR.  Also I will say whether or not I think learning to program will become more or less important for someone who wants to do well and earn a lot of money.

U.N.I.X. stands for uniplexed information computing system, the full abbreviation is U.N.I.C.S. which makes more sense considering there is no “x” in “computing system”.  U.N.I.X. is a group of programs and processors that works on any kind of hardware so it is flexible on any type of computer.  The benefits of U.N.I.X. are the fact that we now have iphones, tablets, and ipads.  It also helped to move the world forward from the giant, old, clunky computers.   

The Microprocessor is a device that can be programmed to do things like logic gates and it can do it very quickly too.  It also can store memory.  Microprocessors are used in computers and iphones which have helped to change the world. 

The Video Game Console is a type of computer that connects to the TV allowing one to play games on the TV.  It uses a controller so the person can control the game.  In consoles like the Wii the controllers have gyroscopes so however the person moves the controller the game will mimic what the person just did.  The Video Game Console impacted history because it allows one to have some great entertainment and play some games which can be very fun.

VHS and VCR are used to record and playback movies or shows.  VHS is the cassette tape which could be bought at a store and put into the VCR which plays the show back.  Inside the VHS there are two cylinders and wrapped around the cylinders is the film.  When one puts the VHS into the VCR, the VCR  then reads the tape and shows it on the television.  The VHS and VCR changed the world because one can now record a show while they are not home and watch it when they are ready. 

Lastly, I think that learning to program as time goes on will become less important because of highly advanced computers that can learn to program themselves.


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