Week 35 Inventions

This week I learned about Flash Memory, CD-Rom, the Cell Phone, and the World Wide Web.

Flash Memory is a little chip that saves memory on computers, cameras, phones, and more.  It saves it very quickly and one can erase only parts of the memory instead of all of it unlike the old types of memory saving devices where one has to erase all of the memory and it takes a long time to do.  The benefits of the Flash Memory is that without it taking pictures with a camera and uploading to a computer would be impossible because before if the memory card loses power then all of the memory is erased.  

CD-Roms are circular discs that hold information, such as pictures, songs, or even other types of data.  The CD has tiny little indentations in it which a laser reads by shining the light into the groves.  If the light that reflects back is dim then it is a 0, if the light that comes back is bright then it is a 1.  The CD-Rom changed history because they can be used in so many things, computers, DVDs, radio players, and video game consoles. 

The Cell Phone is a small, portable phone that allows one to talk to other people on the go.  The way it works is like this: there are a bunch of cell phone towers and as one drives around the Cell Phone will use the tower closest.  The Cell Phone impacted history because one can use the Cell Phone for more than just calling people from remote places, one can take pictures and videos, play games, and so much more.

The World Wide Web stores information on the internet, so one can be on the internet reading an article then see something interesting, click on the link to go to the other article and when the person is finished hit the back button and go back to the previous article.  The reason one types “www” at the beginning of a web address is because originally the World Wide Web was a protocol, so one would type that to show which protocol they were using.  The World Wide Web changed the world because one can find out the latest news quickly, and can figure out how to do things by watching videos on websites like Google and Youtube.

Finally, my favorite invention this week is the World Wide Web because we can find so much information in just a few seconds. 


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