Week 30 Inventions

The Parachute, Selective Breeding, Electrolysis, and the Threshing Machine are inventions that have all helped make life easier.

  The Parachute is a really big and thick piece of cloth.  Using a strong string, one can attach it to one’s back.  The Parachute has helped save lives in things like plane crashes.

   Selective Breeding is when one takes two different types of the same animal and mates them.  People do this to try and create a better breed of something, like dogs that don’t shed hair.  This helped life because one could have the benefits of two different types of the same animal when one normally could only have the benefits of one.     

Electrolysis breaks up compounds into elements.  This is helpful because people discovered a lot of elements we did not know about.

A Threshing Machine is a piece of farm equipment that removes the seeds from the stalks and husks. It does that by beating the plant to make the seeds fall out.  By doing this it saves time and labor which is really helpful.

I wrote about four inventions that have made life easier.  The inventions are the Parachute, Selective Breeding, Electrolysis, and the Threshing Machine. 


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