Week 34 Inventions and Inventor

The Semaphore Telegraph, the Cotton Gin, and the Hydraulic Press are the inventions I will write about.  The inventor is Eli Whitney.   The Semaphore Telegraph are towers placed six to fifteen miles away.  They then signal to other towers.  One can receive a message much faster than a horse can travel.  So if there wasContinue reading “Week 34 Inventions and Inventor”

Week 33 Inventions and Inventor

I will write about the Steamboat, the Argand Lamp, and the Power Loom which are the inventions.  I will also write about the inventor Robert Fulton. The Steamboat is a boat that is powered by steam.  The steam powered a paddle wheel and because of the paddle wheel the boats could travel faster. The ArgandContinue reading “Week 33 Inventions and Inventor”

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