Week 4 Inventions

Portland cement, electromagnets, the passenger rail, and matches are all inventions I learned this week.  I will explain how all of these inventions have changed history .  

Portland cement works as a binder in concrete.  Portland cement is usually mixed with sand and water to form concrete.  Cement is very helpful because concrete would not be possible.  Cement helps make concrete strong; thus without cement, highways would not be possible.

Electromagnets are man-made magnets.  Electromagnets are powered by a battery.  They are much stronger than normal magnets.  They have had an impact on history because they are used in speakers.  The electromagnets cause vibrations and those vibrations turn into sound waves.

The passenger rail is a locomotive that pulls carts that carry people.  Passenger carts are special carts and look differently from cargo carts.  These are very helpful because people can travel long distances, and it can be cheaper than traveling in a car.

Matches are sticks of wood with chemicals on the tip to help it strike.  There are two different types of matches: there are safety matches, and there are strike anywhere matches.  With safety matches, one needs the box to strike the match.  With strike anywhere matches, one can strike them on a log which is very helpful when in the wilderness.  Matches have changed history because it made it easier to light things like fires.

So I learned about Portland cement, electromagnets, the passenger rail, and matches which have helped change the course history.                                                     


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