Week 36 Inventions and Final Essay

I will write about the inventions Morphine and the Jacquard Loom.  I will also explain some of the ways inventions were invented.  Finally I will list the five components of every worldview and explain how different worldviews change what effects inventions will have on a culture.      Morphine is a painkiller made from opium.  This isContinue reading “Week 36 Inventions and Final Essay”

Week 34 Inventions and Inventor

The Semaphore Telegraph, the Cotton Gin, and the Hydraulic Press are the inventions I will write about.  The inventor is Eli Whitney.   The Semaphore Telegraph are towers placed six to fifteen miles away.  They then signal to other towers.  One can receive a message much faster than a horse can travel.  So if there wasContinue reading “Week 34 Inventions and Inventor”

Week 33 Inventions and Inventor

I will write about the Steamboat, the Argand Lamp, and the Power Loom which are the inventions.  I will also write about the inventor Robert Fulton. The Steamboat is a boat that is powered by steam.  The steam powered a paddle wheel and because of the paddle wheel the boats could travel faster. The ArgandContinue reading “Week 33 Inventions and Inventor”

Week 32 Inventions and Inventors

The inventions are Gas Lighting and the Screw-Cutting Lathe.  The inventors are Benjamin Thompson and William Murdoch. Gas Lighting is a light that is powered by gas.  It was very helpful because it could burn continuously without burning out but it caused a lot of fires so electrical lighting was prompted quickly.   The Screw-Cutting LatheContinue reading “Week 32 Inventions and Inventors”

Week 31 Inventions and Inventor

The inventions are the Lightning Rod, the Glass Harmonica, and the Swivel Chair.  The inventor is Benjamin Franklin. The Lightning Rod is a metal rod placed on top of a building to protect it from lightning.  It helped change history because a lot of buildings were not damaged by the lightning because of the rod.Continue reading “Week 31 Inventions and Inventor”

Week 30 Inventions

The Parachute, Selective Breeding, Electrolysis, and the Threshing Machine are inventions that have all helped make life easier.   The Parachute is a really big and thick piece of cloth.  Using a strong string, one can attach it to one’s back.  The Parachute has helped save lives in things like plane crashes.    Selective Breeding is whenContinue reading “Week 30 Inventions”

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