Week 17 Inventions

This week I will outline and show how the following inventions made life easier: the Ironing Board, the Internal Combustion Engine, the Lever-Action Repeating Rifle, and the Twist Drill.

The Ironing Board is a board that one uses to help them iron.  One places the clothing on the board, that way the clothing can be ironed easier.  The Ironing Board has made life easier because instead of one having to clear a space to iron all one has to do is get out the Ironing Board.

The Internal Combustion Engine uses electric sparks to ignite the gasoline which pumps pistons inside the cylinders.  The Internal Combustion Engine is very important because without it, cars would not be possible.  Before the car people would have to hitch up a horse and buggy just to go someplace which is much slower and took a lot of time.  That means that one can not go to far away places.

The Lever-Action Repeating Rifle is a gun that can fire off sixteen shots.  That is much better than the musket which can only fire one shot and it takes a long time to load.  The Lever-Action Repeating Rifle impacted history because more shots could be fired quicker, so in a war one would have a better chance of hitting the enemy.

The Twist Drill is a piece of metal that has grooves cut in it.  After the grooves have been cut the metal is twisted into a circular drill bit.  The Twist Drill is useful for drilling holes.  Without the Twist Drill it would be very hard to build things like houses. 

So my favorite invention this week is the Internal Combustion Engine because I think that it is very fascinating the way the Internal Combustion Engine works.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 Inventions

  1. Oo! I remember these! My favorite was the rifle.
    I only noticed this sentence: “The Internal Combustion Engine is very imported because without it, cars would not be possible.” I think you meant it was very “important”.
    I’m glad to read one of your posts again. It’s been a while.


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