Week 29 Inventions

This week I learned about the Safety Razor, Airplanes, the Vacuum Tube, and the Model-T.  I will describe these inventions and explain how they impacted history.

The Safety Razor makes life easier because one can safely use it without severely cutting themselves.  The blade is changeable so one does not have to sharpen the blade.  It changed history because it became easier to shave at home so people do not have to spend a lot of money at barbershops.

Airplanes can carry people or cargo depending on the type of plane.  They have engines that act as smaller wings that give it thrust.  They are designed to have a slight angle to give it lift.  The Airplane changed history because people can go to faraway places much faster than one could in a car or on a ship.  The Airplane also allows supplies to get to stores faster.

  The Vacuum Tube has a filament and when it heats up it emits an electronic flow it will then flow out of the vacuum and to a piece of metal.  The metal piece does not get hot which allows it to be able to convert A.C. power to D.C. power.  It changed history because a type of the Vacuum Tube is used in light bulbs.  It also is used to amplify radio signals.

 The Model-T is a type of car.  The Model-T was built to drive on rough roads.  It also could take people to far away places where trains could not go.  The Model-T changed history because it made the production line popular which allowed the car to be cheap so more people could buy it.

Finally, my favorite invention this week is the Model-T which gave way to the car industry and without the car, going to many places would not be possible.


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