Week 30 Inventions and Inventor

This week I learned about the Crystal Oscillator, George Washington Carver, the Yagi Uda Antenna, and Penicillin.

The Crystal Oscillator is used to power small electronics such as radios and watches.  When a small voltage is applied to the Crystal it oscillates causing it to give off energy which then powers the object.  Thanks to the Crystal Oscillator we now have accurate watches, and good radios.

George Washington Carver was a slave but became a plant scientist.  He told people that they should grow peanuts and sweet potatoes instead of cotton because not only were they healthy but growing crops such as the sweet potato helps to put the nutrients back in the soil.  George Washington Carver changed the world because peanuts became a more popular crop and it also helped the south bounce back after the Civil War.

The Yagi Uda Antenna is basically an altered di-pole.  A di-pole is an antenna that sticks out in both directions.  The Yagi Uda Antenna appears to have several antennas but the current is only coming out the middle one.  When the current comes out it bounces off the deflector poles behind it and shoots forward to the receiving poles in front which intensifies the signal.  The Yagi Uda Antenna impacted history because people can now listen to the radio even if they are far away from the radio tower.

Penicillin is a type of antibiotic.  Antibiotics are used to keep cuts from getting infected.  

Bacteria grows by multiplying but to do that it must break down its outer layer of protection and when it is in the process of fixing it, the Penicillin attacks it.  Eventually the bacterias outer layer breaks down and water flows in causing it to explode.  Penicillin changed history because people rarely die from infection now.         

Finally, my favorite invention this week is Penicillin. It is very useful and without it, lots of things could be very dangerous.


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