Week 35 Inventions

The Smallpox Vaccine, the Voltaic Pile, the Arc Light,and Dalton’s Atomic Theory will be explained in this essay.

The Smallpox Vaccine was created by a man named Edward Jenner.  When Edward Jenner noticed that farmers who milked cows with Cowpox did not get Smallpox, he studied it farther.  So he injected the liquid from inside the bumps on the cow into people, and it worked.

The Voltaic Pile is the first battery to slowly use the charge over a long period instead of all at once.  People could use the battery to run lights for long amounts of time.

The Arc Light is two carbon sticks close together.  When a charge runs through the carbon sticks a bright light connects the two tips of the carbon sticks.  Using the battery this light could run for a long time.

Dalton’s Atomic Theory is made up of two laws.  Those two laws are: all matter is made of atoms, and atoms of the same element are the same.  With these two laws scientists have been able to discover more about matter and atoms.

So, I explain four very fascinating invention: the Smallpox Vaccine, the Voltaic Pile, the Arc Light,and Dalton’s Atomic Theory


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