Week 12 Invention

I learned about four inventions this week: the Rotary Printing Press, Kerosene, Antiseptics, and the Gas Mask.  In this essay I will describe and give the impact on history of these four inventions.

The Rotary Printing Press is a printing press that uses rotating drums so that continuous rolls of paper can be printed on.  Instead of thousands of pamphlets being printed per day, millions could be printed in a day.  This is what helped make newspapers popular.  So without the Rotary Printing Press, newspapers would not be very popular.

Kerosene is a type of fuel that is made from oil.  Kerosene is the fuel used in planes.  It is also flammable and used to be used in lamps as fuel.  The benefits of Kerosene is the fact that it can be used for so many things as a cheap and efficient fuel.

Antiseptics are used to keep things clean, so germs do not spread.  Before making a meal one should wash their hands with soap and water, so germs do not get in the food one is preparing.  Antiseptics impacted history because less diseases would spread, which means less people would get sick. 

The Gas Mask is used to filter out bad gases that can make one sick or even kill them.  The Gas Mask was very popular during the wars, because there was a lot of gas everywhere.  They are also common around volcanoes that let off toxic gases every so often.  The Gas Mask helped change the world, because without the Gas Mask it would be hard or even impossible to go into certain places without getting sick.

So finally, my favorite invention this week is the Gas Mask because without it, it would be impossible for people to live on the island called Miyake island.  There is an active volcano there that erupts on a regular basis.   


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