Week 13 Inventions

This week I am going to write about the Jackhammer, the Pin-tumbler Lock, the Safety Pin, and the Gyroscope.

The Jackhammer is a drill bit that vibrates up and down to break the surface it is on.  It can either run on electricity or on compressed air.  The Jackhammer is very useful because concrete can be broken up much faster than it could have been done by hand.  That means that if there is construction on a road it can be done much faster then without the Jackhammer. 

The Pin-tumbler Lock is a lock that uses pins to keep it locked.  When the correct key is put into the lock, the pins are lifted so the lock can open.  This changed the world because houses and bank locks could be more secure.  That means that less people can break in and steal valuables.

The Safety Pin is a pin that can be fastened shut.  The Safety Pin is good for fastening clothing together and once it is closed the person can not be poked by it.  The Safety Pin is very useful because if a button falls off, a Safety Pin can quickly replace it.

The Gyroscope is a spinning disc set inside gimbals.  Gimbals are supports that allow an object to spin on a single axis.  They can do very crazy things like balance on a tightrope without falling off.  The Gyroscope is used in electronics like Wii game controllers to sense motion.  So without the Gyroscope some video games would not even be possible. 

Finally, my favorite invention is the Gyroscope because tiny Gyroscopes are really cool to play with.      

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