Week 16 Inventions

This week I will describe and show how each of the inventions I learned this week impacted history.  The inventions I learned about are the Salt and Pepper Shakers, the Mason Jar, the Pencil Eraser, and the Twine Binder.

The Salt and Pepper Shakers are little jars with holes in the top of the lids.  Before the Salt and Pepper Shakers people would pinch the salt and pepper out of the containers with their hands or use little spoons.  This was not very convenient so the Salt and Pepper Shakers were invented.  They impacted history because it was a lot more sanitary and people did not get sick as much.

Next is the Mason Jar, the Mason Jar is a jar used especially for preserving things like fruits.  The Mason Jar was invented primarily to be used by the army so they could have safe food to eat.  This changed history because one can enjoy out of season fruits safely all year around. 

The Pencil Eraser is basically a piece of rubber.  Before the eraser people would use bread to rub out the marks.  This changed the world, because less paper could be used because if one messed up they did not have to start over.

The Twine Binder is a machine that binds wheat sheaves with twine.  People used to have to come and bind the sheaves by hand and that would take forever.  However with the Twine Binder the reaper cut the wheat and the Twine Binder tied it.  Because of this bigger fields could be maintained and more food could be grown.

So my favorite invention is the Pencil Eraser because rubber got its name from people using it to rub off pencil marks.    


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