Week 27 Inventions

This week I am learning about Coca-Cola, the Induction Motor, the Ballpoint Pen, and the Zipper.  I will also summarize each invention and explain the impact each of the inventions have had on history.

Coca-Cola is a soft drink made by combining carbonated water, sugar, and Coca-Cola syrup.  Coca-Cola has caffeine in it so it helps to boost one’s energy for a little while.  Coca-Cola impacted history because it gave rise to other delicious sodas such as Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.

The Induction Motor is a motor that is used in things like: fans and pumps.  The Induction Motor uses A.C. power and magnetic fields to spin.  When the magnetic field passes through the motor it causes it to power up and spin.  It can then turn on the fan or pump.  The benefits of the Induction Motor is it is cheap to build and has given us many different inventions.

The Ballpoint Pen is a pen that has a ball at the tip that rolls when one rubs it on paper.  When the ball rolls the ink flows from the tube to the tip where the ink comes out.

The Ballpoint Pen changed history because it allows one to write on rough surfaces.  It also has a very smooth line and it does not leave big blotches of ink.

The Zipper is used on things like: bags, jackets, jeans, and many more items.  When one slides the Zipper it forces together the teeth which allows a snug fit on the jacket to help keep one warm but if the weather becomes warmer one can simply unzip the jacket so the person is not as hot.  The benefits of the Zipper is it makes it easy to quickly close and open bags or get dressed quickly.

To wrap it up, this week I learned about some very useful inventions.  My favorite invention this week is the Ballpoint Pen because it makes it so easy to make nice lines.  I have used a fountain pen before and it is not easy to use.  That is why I choose the Ballpoint Pen as my favorite invention.


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