Week 27 Inventions and Inventor

I learned about the Flying Shuttle, Marine Chronometer, and the Leyden Jar.  I also learned about an inventor named Anders Celsius.

The first invention is the Flying Shuttle.  The Flying Shuttle is a loom that weaves faster and better than the original loom.  It impacted history because more cloth could be made so prices were made cheaper. 

The next invention is the Marine Chronometer.  The Marine Chronometer is just a really finely crafted clock.  It impacted history because people at sea could know what time it was.

The last invention is the Leyden Jar.  The Leyden Jar is the first battery.  It impacted history because one could carry it around to places one could not with the influence machine.

The inventor is Anders Celsius.  Anders Celsius invented the Celsius temperature scale.

He impacted history because celsius is easy to understand and a lot of people use the celsius scale.

So the Flying Shuttle, Marine Chronometer, the Leyden Jar are inventions which I talked about.  I also talked about an inventor named Anders Celsius.   


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