Week 7 Inventions

I will summarize and explain how these inventions have made life easier: the Combine Harvester, the Solar Compass, the Propeller, and the Mechanical Computer.   The Combine Harvester is a really big and bulky machine that requires about eighteen horses to pull it.  The Combine Harvester combines several stages of the harvesting of the wheat.  FirstContinue reading “Week 7 Inventions”

Week 2 Inventions

I learned about three inventions this week: Vapor-compression, Percussion Ignition, and the Canning Process.   Vapor-compression is what is used in refrigerators.  It works not by blowing in cold air, but by removing the heat in the air.  Then it blows it out into the room.  So without the vapor-compression theory we would not have refrigerators.  Continue reading “Week 2 Inventions”

History II Week I Inventions

I learned about suspension bridges, fire hydrants, and locomotives.  I will describe and explain what all these inventions did to help the world evolve.   The suspension bridge is a bridge hung by strong chains or wire.  The suspension bridge was cheap, easy to build, and super strong.  So without the suspension bridge it would beContinue reading “History II Week I Inventions”

Week 36 Inventions and Final Essay

I will write about the inventions Morphine and the Jacquard Loom.  I will also explain some of the ways inventions were invented.  Finally I will list the five components of every worldview and explain how different worldviews change what effects inventions will have on a culture.      Morphine is a painkiller made from opium.  This isContinue reading “Week 36 Inventions and Final Essay”

Week 34 Inventions and Inventor

The Semaphore Telegraph, the Cotton Gin, and the Hydraulic Press are the inventions I will write about.  The inventor is Eli Whitney.   The Semaphore Telegraph are towers placed six to fifteen miles away.  They then signal to other towers.  One can receive a message much faster than a horse can travel.  So if there wasContinue reading “Week 34 Inventions and Inventor”

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